Friday, December 2, 2016

The LOX – What Else You Need To Know/Don’t Cry

After years of promising fans a new album, The LOX kept their word on Thursday with the announcement of their third group album, Filthy America…It’s Beautiful on Roc Nation two weeks from today. Shortly thereafter they shared a couple of tough new singles.

Continue below to check out “What Else You Need To Know” and “Don’t Cry”. Whitney Young stand up.

“Me and ‘Zino was cool but I stabbed some of his mans” – Styles P

Here’s the full album tracklist:

1. Omen
2. Stupid Questions
3. What Else You Need To Know
4. The Family
5. The Agreement (ft. Fetty Wap & Dyce Payne)
6. Move Forward
7. Savior (ft. Dyce Payne)
8. Don’t You Cry
9. Hard Life” (ft. Mobb Deep)
10. Filthy America
11. Bad Allegiance
12. Secure the Bag (ft. Gucci Mane & Infa-Red)

Pre-order here ahead of the Dec 16th release.

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