Friday, September 30, 2016

Saigon – Blessing

On his new “pro-gun anthem”, Saigon looks to explain the “other side” of the gun control debate in America.
In his words:
This is a track that gives the other angle of legal and illegal firearms in this Country. It sorta depicts the “Id rather be caught with it than without it” mentality alot of inner city kids have today when it comes to carrying guns….. Is it right or wrong? You be the judge.
Saigon mentions the mentality of preferring to be “judged by 12” over being “carried by six”, and in some of our neighborhoods that can be a very valid concept. Not to mention that many of the pro-gun NRA maniacs in this country are hopeless racists who would sooner shoot a Black man than give him directions.

Blacks arming themselves against racial violence is a grand tradition that goes back to the end of the Civil War and it’s an idea that I'd support.

Listen to “Blessing” below.


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