Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Video: Blacastan - Power (Prod. by Mr. Green)

Mr. Green is behind the boards and sitting in the director’s chair for his gritty new single, “Power,” off the upcoming Raw Poetix compilation, Global Connection Vol. 2 set to drop Sept. 6th. Yesterday, the visuals were released starring Connecticut rap bully Blacastan, who is also a member of the collectives AOTP (Army Of The Pharaohs) & The Demigodz. Watch the classic boom bap video above and check out the tracklisting below for the upcoming album.


01. Mr. Green (feat. Blacastan) - "Power" (Cuts by DJ FMD)
02. Balti (feat. GOD PART III, Phil The Agony, Lawrence Arnell & Slaughter Rico) - "Bang Bang"
03. Genetix (feat. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia, Bump The GooseGot & Innate) - "The Movement"
04. Mahdyar Aghajani (feat. Reveal, QUF, Kool G Rap & Hichkas) - "Young N' Foolish"
05. Mr. Green (feat. PaceWon & Chris Rivers - Massacre" (Cuts by Mr.Green)
06. Mahdyar Aghajani (feat. Chief Kamachi) - “SoundCheck"
07. O-Jay (feat. Viro The Virus) - "JackPot" (Cuts by Caliph-NOW)
08. Tue Track (feat. Negash Ali & Lawrence Arnell) - "Fool Ya"
09. Mr.Green (feat. Rock Bottom & ZPU) - "Cry Baby"
10. Balti (feat. PaceWon) - "I Want Love"
11. Dan Diggable (feat. Bumps The GooseGot) - "Leaves Fall"
12. Mahdyar Aghajani & Bijan Mashhadi (feat. GOD PART III) - "New Queenz World"
13. QUF - “Khafe"

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