Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nipsey Hussle – Slauson Boy 2 (Mixtape)

For this week’s Marathon Monday release, Nipsey collects all of his previous releases into the Slauson Boy 2 mixtape and throws in an extra new track titled “Mercy” featuring Stacy Barthe. This is also where Nip decided to phase into how his new Victory Lap project will phase in, and he’s resurrecting his #Proud2Pay campaign for. In a message to fans posted on his website, Nip says that he’ll be bringing the first 5 people who bought his Crenshaw and Mailbox Money projects on a guided tour of the places and spaces that inspired the new album.

Says Nip about the tour:
I will personally play the album and narrate and elaborate on key songs and lines. We will physically visit the locations being referenced on the album to put our feet on the ground, breath the air, taste the food, and feel climate. While we listen to the music, we will create what we coined as an:
“Intimate Multi-Sensory Music Experience”
Almost like a real life directors cut of a film.
Stream and download the mixtape below and go here to read his full message and sign up for the mailing list.


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