Thursday, August 18, 2016

Living Colour ft. Black Thought, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch - Who Shot Ya? (Andre Betts Remix)

The Ubiquitous 80’s band Living Coulour offer up a new Rap heavy take on their remake of Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” featuring Prodigal Sunn, Black Thought, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch and Kyle Mansa. If you’ve ever heard the original version of the cover, you know that sonically, it differs a great deal from the Biggie original (obviously). This new remix, helmed by producer Andre Betts, moves even further away from the source material with a strong message about police brutality and the value of Black life in America. This will appear on the band’s upcoming mixtape, Mixtape, due out September 9th.

Listen below.


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