Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sadat X - Freeze (Prod. by Pete Rock)

Brand Nubian co-founder drops the first single “Freeze” off his upcoming album Agua. Produced by Pete Rock, the song brings it back to his first trips to Mount Vernon, NY's “basement,” in an Elektra Records connection with ties to Grap Luva and Grand Puba. The 18-track LP drops July 15th via Tommy Boy Entertainment.

Check out the video & tracklist below.

Props: AFH

1.) “Freeze” (produced by Pete Rock)
 2.) “The City Never Sleeps” f/ Wordsworth (produced by Dub Sonata & The Extraordinary Gentlemen)
3.) “Taken” (produced by Will Tell)
4.) “Industry’s Outcast” f/ R.A. The Rugged Man & Thirstin Howl III (produced by Will Tell)
5.) “Head Shot” (produced by Diamond D)
6.) “Aqua” (produced by Will Tell)
7.) “Cut & Dry” f/ Lord Jamar (produced by Will Tell)
8.) “Tell ‘Em Again” f/ DV Alias Khrist (produced by Nick Wiz)
9.) “The Return Of The Dottie” f/ Milano & Shabaam Sahdeeq (produced by Ide)
10.) “Imagine” f/ Rhymefest & Jabar (produced by Will Tell)
11.) “The Bass Player” (produced by Da Beatminerz)
12.) “Murder Soundtrack” f/ A-F-R-O & Rahzel (produced by Will Tell)
13.) “Same Shit, Different Day” f/ UG of Cella Dwellaz (produced by UG)
14.) “Da’ Hustle Don’t Stop” f/ ED O.G. & Fokis (produced by Fokis)
15.) “Maybe It’s Me” f/ Dres (produced by DJ Scratch)
16.) “Tommy Is My Boy” (produced by Will Tell)
17.) “We Strive” f/ Dres (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
18.) “Nobody” f/ LoVel (produced by Will Tell & Nick Wiz)

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