Thursday, June 30, 2016

Joe Budden – Making A Murderer Pt. 1 (Drake Diss)

“Either Jimmy acting or he really miss a wheelchair”

So we finally do get a diss track Joe. Over last few weeks, Joe Budden has analyzed the Drake took shots at him in the “4PM in Calabasas” freestyle. He explained in detail on a recent episode of his podcast about which lines he feels were directed at him and why. Some of them sound possible, and some of them sound like a reach on Joey’s part to be honest.

Drake then decides to say  “Pump It Up” in an Instagram video posted by French Montana as a teaser of an upcoming collab for the MC4 album. So maybe Drake was sending shots? Or maybe he’s savvy enough to know how to bait Joe, and the internet, into playing them(our)selves? Whatever the case, Joe has now responded with a new cut called “Making A Murderer Pt. 1”.

He also sends a few shots Meek's way, after the two sparred indirectly on twitter & Instagram over some comments Joe made about him and Nicki. This beef seems kind of petty but ...f*ck it.

Listen below.

UPDATED: Here are the full lyrics. As you can see he goes at Jay Z on the third verse as well.


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