Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cam'ron is Releasing His Own Strain Of Weed

High Times reported that Cam is preparing a college plan for the upcoming freshmen this Fall with the impending release of his own strain of weed. He's joining forces with the West Coast brand Chroncierge, Cam will be a part of a host of products tied to The Smoker's Club Tour, which is currently happening from the likes of The Underachievers, G Herbo, and Smoke DZA.

Cam said getting into the branded weed game in California is the result of popular demand.

The Harlem rapper released the gold record Purple Haze on Roc-A-Fella in 2004 and has been asked about the strain ever since, though Purple Haze has since faded in New York’s weed scene, which is now dominated by New York City Sour Diesel.

Color was on the forefront of his mind, he said. A Cam’Ron strain could be purple or pink-hued, and potentially grape soda-flavored, Cam said. “I never smelled any of this till I came out here,” he marveled, as he considered the possibilities of crafting his own color and flavor of pot.

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