Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pusha T ft. Jay Z – Drug Dealers Anonymous

The Cocaine Kings of Rap come together for “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” the first single off Pusha T’s upcoming King Push LP. Produced by DJ Dahi.

Listen below.

Pusha wrote a message to the fans over at Genius in anticipation of this new single release, which you can read below.
To My Genius Family:
Tonight I am dropping the first track off of my King Push album, “Drug Dealers Anonymous” featuring Jay Z. I want you guys to take this super seriously.
This is a milestone in my career, and we are fully representing the lyric-driven culture. Once the song is released, the lyrics will go live and then I want y’all to annotate it and have a blast.
I’m gonna be back on the site soon to drop my own annotations and see what you guys had to say about me and Hov’s verses.
Look out for Pusha’s verified annotations here.

UPDATED: Pusha also shared the e-mail exchange between himself and Jay that birthed the record.
Jay: “This is bad bad. This is like a lot of bad. This is like 48-bars bad.”
Pusha: “It’s your world.”

Read the full thread here.

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