Monday, May 16, 2016

Fat Joe On Highly Questionable

Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard hit guest Fat Joe with one of their favorite questions today on Highly Questionable: who was the Knicks player Biggie cuck’d on “I Got A Story To Tell”? Jadakiss has speculated on it, Spike Lee says he doesn’t know and John Starks denied it was him back in 2014, citing his height as proof. Well, according to Joe, Big was tearing down the late Anthony Mason’s girl. The Knicks forward was actually 6’7, two inches taller than the height Big noted at the end of the song, so either the late GOAT was just guessing or Joe is misinformed. Or, of course, the whole story could have just been the product of Big’s legendarily vivid imagination.

Watch below.

On Friday May 20th, Puff called into The Breakfast Club and confirmed Fat Joe’s account. Wow.

Full interview

UPDATED: Charles Oakley decides to put in his thoughts about the claims, calls Fat Joe’s remarks “disrespectful”


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