Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kanye West Performed "I Don't Want to Be Liked" Freestyle During His Paradise Music Festival Set

Kanye had performed a set yesterday at the Paradise Music Festival in the Philippines, releasing some new bars over "Runaway" bascially summing up everything we were curious about. I mean, his fans are still going to love him & his music, but i felt this was more toward people who don't like him for giving us the music he has been delivering.

"I gotta be like, what everyone else be like, I don't want to be liked." "Most artists aren't appreciated in their own time , So the more disliked, the better I must be doing."

Watch Above.

Later on in the performance Ye took time to thank another artist at the festival, Wiz Khalifa, who also performed at the event earlier that day. Earlier this year, Kanye went at Wiz with a twitter rant over the use of the name Waves intended for his eventually titled album, The Life of Pablo. West has also thought that Wiz had his eye on his wife, Kim and didn't hesitate to let him hear his wrath. But after all the drama and misunderstanding, it's all been forgiven.

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