Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jay-Z x DJ Green Lantern – The Game Is Mine (Remastered)

Green Lantern drops a new gem from his archives for his #TBTRemastered series. Back in 04 Hov recorded a promo for the Reebok S.Carter sneakers over a beat produced by Green that was only released on one of the S.Carter promotional mixtapes with drops over it, until now.

Check below for remastered, CDQ stream.

Green Lantern explains:

So back in ’04 I got a call from Jay’s manager saying he wants me to do a 60 sec radio commercial for his new S Dot Tennis shoe he was releasing thru Reebok…So I taped a live tennis match, sampled the sounds of the ball, the racquet , sneakers on the court etc and made a beat out of it. Then I found vocal snippets where Jay mentioned sports etc and pieced together a nice little collage (like my tape intros)that made sense for the project..So Jay hears it and comes to Baseline where I was recording it, and says he loves the beat so much can i loop it for 3 mins, can i? lol It was only released on a mixtape back then (heavy shoutouts, you know the drill) I remastered it for #TbtRemastered… CDQ, Free download …

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