Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Remembering The Notorious B.I.G: 10 Classic Freestyles

Written by Mo Lavelanet (@TheHennyGod)

Today marks the 19th anniversary since the late great Notorious B.I.G.
had passed away. The King of Brooklyn would be 43, (and i am
aware that his birthday is May 21st)  thought it was only right to put together
10 of  Biggie's classic freestlyes.. 

It's difficult to speculate where or what Biggie would be doing if
he were alive today. It's always an interesting conversation piece because
many believe, you only blow up when you die. But in Biggie's case he had
already blown up. The question here is would he have stayed as relevent like
his good friend, Jay-Z. There is a possiblity that he could have struggled to
stay relevent like many of the old head rappers are doing today but i refuse to
believe it.

As a tribute and without further a do, here are 10 of Biggie's best freestyles...

Check them out below:

10. "Wake Up Show Freestyle" (Biggie's Last Freestyle)

This was sadly Biggie's last freestyle with Lil Cease on The Wake Up Show 
with Sway & Tech on March 3rd, 1997. Only a few days before his death. 
This Freestyle was somewhat contreversial becuase of his last line saying 
"Your nobody til somebody kills you". It's hard to think this wasn't a 

9. "Brooklyn Street Corner Freestyle"

Unbelieveable at only 17, during the golden ages, Biggie was able to make a
crowd as live as he did. I wish there were better qualiiy videos. It would be
amazing to relive the experience. You'd think he'd been doing this for atleast
10 years.

8. "2Pac & Biggie Freestyle"

Biggie & Pac bless the camera with some bars while in a hotel lobby. Siping
on that Tangueray, Biggie spits all these vicious and violent bars at at the
end says "Peace & Love" like he didn't even put 2 n 2 together. It was pretty

7. "Basement Freestyle"

Biggie's refrences were always relevent and quick to catch your ear.With DJ
Enuff one the turntables, Big spits various lines from multiple songs in this very
rare freestyle. This just sounds so good in all its lo-fi glory. He must've
smoked 1,000 blunts before this session. It was too easy for him.

6. "Another Rough One (Unreleased Mister Cee Freestyle)"

DJ Mister Cee has alot of unreleased Biggie cuts which would make sense
since he is alot of the reason why he blew up. This one here is off the From 
The Business Instead Of Game Mixtape.

5. “Freestyle” ft. Craig Mack (off Puff Daddy and DJ Doo Wop’s 
Bad Boy Mixtape Vol. 2)

DJ Doo Wop had hosted the 2nd Bad Boys mixtape back in ’95, The
B-Side contained a never-before-heard  freestyle session from Tim
Westwood’s UK radio show. The joint contained Biggie & Bad Boy rap
artist Craig Mack going back and forth over Redman’s “Rockafella (Remix)”
inst. Biggie verse was from the the record “The Points”.

4. “Real Niggaz Pt. 1 & 2” (off DJ Clue’s Spring 1995 Pt. 1)

From the beginning of the  East Coast/West Coast beef, The record “Who
Shot Ya?” has been released on the “Big Poppa” B-Side, and before
The Source Awards, where Suge Knight made his legendary calling out
of  Puffy in 95, Biggie laid some rhymes paying his respects to the West
Coast, rhyming over Snoop Dogg beats. It's unfortunate were not able to
listen to Biggie over Death Row production anymore, he was flowing on it
nice, like no other.

3. "C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle ft. The LOX (Off Funkmaster Flex’s The 
Mix Tape Volume II: 60 Minutes of Funk)"

Flex had dropped the 2nd volume of his 60 Minute of Funk mixtape, stating,
“You know I had to get Bad Boy up on this piece,” before dropping a
freestyle session featuring LOX and BIG rapping over Wu-Tang's
“C.R.E.A.M.”instrumental. Which is amazing beat selection i might add, my
nigga B.I.G.went in, “Got stripes in New York like Yankee uniforms, When
i was born .”

2. "Madison Square Garden Freestyle"

One of the most famous freestyles by Notorious Live at Madison Suare Garden.
This is definitly one to remember. Joining him was Big Scoop, Shyheim, 2Pac
& Big Daddy Kane. Jay even had some inspiration from this freestyle.

1. “Freestyle Live at Mister Cee’s Crib” (off Mister Cee’s The Best
of Notorious B.I.G.)

This is definitly one of the wildest cuts right off rip. Just starting off the tape
Biggie on the intro spttin raw, The self proclaimed "Black Rhinocerous of
Rap" really held up his end of the deal.

R.I.P. Biggie Smalls!

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