Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kanye Changed “Wolves”... He Must Be Stopped

This is twice in one week already that Kanye West felt the need to alter his, what i thought was an extrodinary album, The Life Of Pablo with these altercations that are really unessiscary. The album is streaming via Tidal and his website if you haven't check out the album or any of these changes. First he changed a minor lyric on the "Famous" track with Rihanna & some of her vocals.

Yesterday, he did as he promised to “fix Wolves” by reinstating a take on the original version with Vic Mensa and Sia, and splitting off the Frank Ocean verse from the newer version of the song into it’s own separate track called “Frank’s Song.”

I do enjoy the fact that Kanye is trying to give his fans and the audience the best possible version of his album, it seems like a good thing. Clearly, we all know the redefined verison of the Vic Mensa & Sia track is better, but all these changes are starting to get on my nerve. Don't get me wrong i have no problem wanting to listen to the best but i feel "if it's not broke, don't fix it. It seems as if he wants to make everyone happy by doing this. He is always going to have people that don't like the album and fans that love it. He just needs to live with it. Personally i enjoyed all the songs. But now having to think "Oh is he going to change this?" I just want to listen to this album in peace.

It doesn’t help that the album is only available via TIDAL, a service that I do not subscribe to. It wouldn’t be a huge deal if the album was available through all of the major streaming services and Ye was updating the streams globally. At least then I could be confident that the version I have at any given time is the “final.” But even then, I’d be hunting down rips of the OG versions of tracks because that’s what i feel will have replay value.

Is this a stupid opinion? Imagine all artist doing this. I might need IB Profin. The reality is, if you take that Ye tweet above to the head, this album might never be “done” in the commonly understood sense of the word. And whatever that case is, i guess we just have to deal with it. I just feel like this really wasn't a part of the plan going in, and it’s more a result of the fact that he rushed the album out to coincide with the big Yeezy SZN 3 debut at MSG that was already locked in.

I probably would’ve been far more receptive to this concept if he would’ve said from jump that the album would be constantly evolving over time. But I guess that’s more of a “me” problem at this point.

In any event, head over to TIDAL to stream whatever version of The Life of Pablo is available at this moment.

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