Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Video: Sir Michael Rocks – In My Mode

Sir Michael Rocks turns to his love of anime for the inspiration behind his latest Populair visual.
Implementing elements of his favorite Anime, Sir Michael Rocks’ “In My Mode” video is broken down into two scenes – a back alley brawl filmed in Kyodo, Japan and a closing scene capturing wide-angle natural forest and field shots in Setagaya. “In the opening scenes when those two doors open with yin yang signs and then the cave with the greet water, that’s a reference to Full Metal Alchemist,” SMR explains. The dark, time-lapse shots also take influence from One Punch Man and Kill la Kill. “Those shows are set in the city and utilize side streets, alley ways, and bars,” he adds. “When we were shooting those alley scenes it was that same aesthetic.” The fights, cuts to the eyes, and emojis are in reference to storylines and emotions shown in Dragon Ball Z, while the open field setting and red eye contacts, which represent evil, in the closing scene take influence from Akame Ga Kill.

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